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Various federal and state laws protect workers in different occupations and industries in the event they are hurt while working or they end up developing some occupational illness. Despite the fact that these laws are intended to protect employees, however, there can be various obstacles that may stand in the way to injured workers getting the workers’ compensation benefits they need and deserve.

While overcoming these obstacles can be challenging, this is when injured workers can rely on the Colorado Springs Workers’ Compensation Attorney with Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP to stand up for their rights and help the obtain the full amount of benefits to which they are entitled.

Colorado Springs Workers’ Compensation Attorney Kenneth Shakeshaft is skilled at helping people get the workers’ compensation benefits they need and deserve.

Here is a look as some of the specific types of workers’ compensation claims and cases that Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP and all of their legal professionals are skilled at handling.

Defense Base Act Claims

The Defense Base Act (DBA) protects certain people who work overseas on U.S. military bases. While the terms of this act can provide workers’ compensation benefits to these people (as well as death benefits to their families if they sustain fatal workplace injuries), it can be difficult obtaining benefits under the terms of the DBA. This is because, among other things:

  • There are some very specific eligibility requirements and time frames that must be met in order to secure Defense Base Act benefits.
  • Insurers can present some specific challenges that may be difficult for injured people to overcome without the help of an experienced Defense Base Act attorney like those at Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP.

LHWCA Claims: Workers’ Compensation for Maritime Workers

Maritime workers who are not considered to be “seamen” (and, therefore, aren’t covered by the Jones Act) but who do work on navigable waterways are protected under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA).

As with the DBA, however, the LHWCA has some strict eligibility requirements, as well as time limits for filing claims, so it’s best that the injured workers who may be seeking LHWCA benefits retain the assistance Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP to:

  • Help them file their claims
  • Ensure they are able to obtain the full amount of LHWCA benefits they deserve.

State Workers’ Compensation

The Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act dictates that people who are hurt on the job or who develop occupational illnesses can file for and obtain workers’ compensation benefits to cover their:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Permanent impairments
  • Disfigurement.

However, insurers for employers can present some considerable challenges for workers, namely in that these insurers may try to undercut or even look for reasons to deny valid claims. This is when it will be important for injured workers to have an experienced advocacy group like Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP on their side.

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