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Every 8 minutes, a pedestrian in the U.S. is injured after being hit by a car, and every 2 hours, someone in the U.S dies in a pedestrian accident (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). In fact, pedestrians are about 1.5 times more likely than the people in cars to be killed in a traffic accident every time they travel.

After pedestrian accidents, Colorado Springs Pedestrian Accident Attorney Kenneth Shakeshaft will defend people’s rights to compensation and help them recover financially.
What may be more upsetting than these statistics are the facts that:

  • The people who are most often hurt and killed in pedestrian accidents are some of the most vulnerable people in society – namely, children and the elderly.
  • Nearly half of all fatal pedestrian accidents involve alcohol impairment (either on behalf of drivers or pedestrians themselves).

Despite the tragic occurrence and results of pedestrian accidents, injured people should know that, after these accidents:

  • They will likely be entitled to compensation for their injuries and losses if any type of negligence contributed to the pedestrian accident.
  • The Colorado Springs Pedestrian Accident Attorney with Shakeshaft Law Firm is here to help them financially recovery while holding the negligent parties accountable.

Negligence and Pedestrian Accidents

When negligence contributes to pedestrian accidents, it often specifically manifests as some type of driver negligence, including (but not limited to):

  • Drunk driving – Intoxication or drug impairment will increase the chances that drivers will not be attentive to changing road conditions (particularly at intersections) and that their response times will be substantially slowed down. For instance, drunk drivers are far more likely to not realize signals have turned red and tend to have impaired response times to braking.
  • Distracted driving – Failing to pay attention to the road and the task of driving will increase the risk that drivers will not see or brake in time for pedestrians.
  • Driving while fatigued – Being excessively tired when driving can have the same impacts as driving when intoxicated, as both of these conditions can impair drivers’ abilities to recognize and respond to changing road conditions. While fatigued driving is more often a problem among commercial drivers (like truckers), it can affect any driver on the road.
  • Aggressive driving – Tailgating, speeding or otherwise driving aggressively can also increase the risk of pedestrian accidents, as aggressive drivers are far less likely to see, give the right-of-way to or be careful for pedestrians.
  • Failing to comply with traffic laws – Running red lights, speeding or otherwise failing to obey traffic laws is another form of driver negligence that often contributes to pedestrian accidents.

Various other forms of negligence may also contribute to pedestrian accidents, so it’s best to consult with the Colorado Springs Pedestrian Accident Attorney with Shakeshaft Law to find out more about your case and rights after these accidents.

Colorado Springs Pedestrian Accident Attorney at Shakeshaft Law Firm

Have you or a loved one been hurt in a pedestrian accident? If so, the Colorado Springs Pedestrian Accident Attorney with Shakeshaft Law Firm is ready to advocate your rights and help you recover financially. Since 1982, Shakeshaft Law has been dedicated to providing people injured in pedestrian accidents with the highest quality of legal services and representation.

This means that, while you can trust the Colorado Springs Pedestrian Accident Lawyer at Shakeshaft Law to always fight for your rights to compensation and justice, you can also count on him and all of their legal professionals to bring your case to a successful resolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do immediately after a pedestrian accident in Colorado Springs?

After a pedestrian accident in Colorado Springs, you should immediately seek legal advice, especially if negligence was involved, such as driver impairment or distraction. The Shakeshaft Law Firm emphasizes the importance of securing compensation for injuries and losses. They offer free initial consultations, and you can reach out to them for legal representation to ensure your rights are protected and to facilitate your financial recovery.

What types of compensation can I expect from a pedestrian accident case?

In a pedestrian accident case, the types of compensation you can expect may include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and compensation for any permanent disabilities or disfigurement. Additionally, you might be eligible for punitive damages if the driver's conduct was particularly reckless. It's important to consult with a legal expert to understand the full range of compensation applicable to your specific situation.

How do I prove negligence in a pedestrian accident?

To prove negligence in a pedestrian accident case, you generally need to demonstrate that the driver owed a duty of care to the pedestrian, breached that duty, and that this breach directly caused injuries. Evidence such as witness statements, traffic camera footage, and expert testimony can be crucial. A thorough investigation can help establish these elements by documenting the scene, the vehicles involved, and the conditions at the time of the accident.

Why should I hire Shakeshaft Law Firm for my pedestrian accident case?

Shakeshaft Law Firm has extensive experience in handling pedestrian accident cases in Colorado Springs. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure you receive fair compensation. We offer personalized legal support and have a proven track record of successful outcomes. For more information, contact us.

Additional Information in Colorado Springs

Colorado Department of Transportation - Information for Pedestrians: Provides information on pedestrian safety, focusing on awareness and prevention of accidents. It includes statistics on pedestrian fatalities and injuries, tips for safe crossing practices, and details about the "Left Behind" campaign, which emphasizes the emotional and physical aftermath of pedestrian accidents. This resource can be useful in a pedestrian accident case by providing safety guidelines, statistical context, and educational materials to support claims or defenses related to pedestrian safety and driver awareness.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Pedestrian Safety: Comprehensive resources on pedestrian safety, emphasizing the importance of behavior, environment, and community engagement to prevent crashes and enhance safety. It includes detailed safety tips for both drivers and pedestrians, data on pedestrian injuries and fatalities, and resources for creating safer communities. This information could be critical in a pedestrian accident case, providing authoritative guidelines and statistical evidence to support arguments about safety responsibilities and the effectiveness of various precautions.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Pedestrian Safety: Provides key statistics, risk factors, and preventive measures to reduce pedestrian fatalities and injuries on roads. It highlights major contributors to accidents such as speed, vehicle size, and alcohol, and offers insights into demographic risks and safety recommendations. This resource can aid in a pedestrian accident case by offering authoritative statistical data and proven safety strategies that could support legal arguments or policy advocacy.

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