Will Heightened CSPD Patrols Reduce Car Crashes?

Surprisingly, it was a rash of crime rate numbers and a mixture of a shortage of Colorado Springs Police Department (CPSD) patrol officers that were responsible for a recent call to action to staff more CSPD patrols on the streets of Colorado Springs, and not actual car accidents.

The beefed-up patrols come amid officer’s complaints that the move is long overdue, especially since they say they could rarely count on backup for incidences, and that they are regularly late in responding to calls they were dispatched for hours before hand.

“It has become increasingly difficult to maintain our necessary staffing levels. Despite hiring 135 new recruit officers during the past couple of years and another 47 starting next month, we continue to struggle to keep pace with the number of retirements and resignations. While staffing challenges exist across the department, they are currently most critical in the Patrol Operations Bureau. Staffing shortages are related to a variety of outcomes including longer response times, reduced officer safety, and a variety of additional difficulties for employees (e.g. increased overtime, trouble getting days off),” said CSPD Chief Pete Cary, adding, “I am announcing several organizational changes. These changes come after much deliberation that included discussions with the PPA Board, officers in lineups, and Staff. These changes are designed to enhance our ability to respond to calls for service more quickly, maintain adequate officer safety, and reduce the overall wear and tear on employees of the Patrol Operations Bureau. The individuals most directly affected have already been informed of these changes by their respective chain of command.”1

CSPD Changes that will Help Increase Street Patrols

Will Heightened CSPD Patrols Reduce Car Crashes? | Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer

Will Heightened CSPD Patrols Reduce Car Crashes? | Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer

The following changes were announced by CSPD Chief Cary that will assist in creating more available patrol officers on the streets to help make them safer:

  • Gang and impact unit officers returned to patrol sector.
  • Officers assigned to traffic accident investigation units returned to sector assignments Jan. 2017.
  • Some different call response protocols have been implemented.
  • Changes have been made as to the types of calls Community Service Officers respond to.
  • Motor Unit officers will split duty between traffic accident investigations and traffic enforcement.
  • Citation goals were removed in 2016, while traffic safety now remains a top priority.
  • DUI Unit officers stopped reporting to the Operations Support Bureau and began reporting to the Patrol Bureau.

How Can Driver’s Be Proactive about Preventing Car Crashes and Injuries?

Here are a few suggested things you can do to prevent car accidents and injuries from happening:

  • Distractions – Don’t drive distracted – whether it be texting or talking on a cell phone while driving. Other forms of distracted driving include eating, reaching for something in the car, and talking to passengers just to name a few.
  • Speeding – Arrive alive, so the saying goes. Speeding is a high-ranking reason for automobile accidents. Speed limits are designated to help you maintain control of your vehicle. If you are driving at night or in inclement weather, you may need to reduce your speed to adjust for the reduced visibility.
  • Buckle Up – It’s not only the law, but your chances of surviving a motor vehicle accident are greatly enhanced by wearing a seat belt.
  • Don’t Drive Drunk – It goes without saying, but it can’t be stated enough, that people need to refrain from driving buzzed or drunk. Driving impaired slows both your reaction time and clouds your judgement.
  • Parking Lots – Use extreme caution when driving through parking lots, because there are oftentimes children present, who can’t been seen in your vehicle’s mirrors. Also, other drivers tend to not focus on what is going on around them.

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¹“More CSPD cops shifted to patrol” published in the Colorado Springs Independent, March 2017.


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