Here’s the conclusion to our blog series Trucking Company Negligence in Truck Accidents: FAQs.

Trucking Company Negligence in Truck Accidents: More Important Info

Q – How long does it take to resolve claims alleging trucking company negligence?

Here are some more answers about trucking company negligence in truck accident cases. For experienced help with your financial recovery after truck accidents, contact us today.

Here are some more answers about trucking company negligence in truck accident cases. For experienced help with your financial recovery after truck accidents, contact us today.

A – We cannot answer this without knowing the facts of a particular case. However, we can tell you that, in general, cases alleging trucking company negligence will:

  • Not be resolved immediately or even within days
  • Usually, instead, take months or longer to resolve
  • Be prolonged when trucking companies intend to vigorously fight these claims, as opposed to making reasonable settlement offers to accident victims
  • Become far more complicated when there are multiple negligent trucking companies (or even just multiple negligent parties) involved in the case.

We also want to note here that, although these types of cases can be complicated and take some time to resolve:

  • The effort can ultimately pay off big time for accident victims, as these people can obtain the financial resources they need and deserve to pursue essential medical treatments and recovery from a serious accident.
  • Having an experienced attorney representing and fighting for injured people’s rights will be crucial to obtaining the best possible outcomes from these cases in the most efficient possible manner.

Q – What challenges should I be prepared for if I move forward with a claim against a negligent trucking company?

A – Although the challenges of trucking company negligence cases can differ from case to case, generally speaking, here’s what plaintiffs (i.e., injured people pursuing justice in civil court) may need to expect in terms of future obstacles in their case:

  • Time – As noted above, these cases can take some time to resolve. When plaintiffs are concerned about getting justice now and the wheels of justice are slow to turn, this time and waiting for a resolution can be challenging for some people.
  • Money – Financial stress can be a very serious impact of truck accidents, as injured people may have to simultaneously deal with expensive medical bills while not earning any income because their injuries are preventing them from working.
  • Experienced defense litigators – Trucking companies, especially the bigger, more prominent ones, tend to have in-house corporate attorneys ready to defend them when people allege corporate negligence has hurt them. This can end up creating a David versus Goliath situation for injured people, who can lack the legal expertise to know how to effectively stand up to these attorneys. This is also where having an skilled lawyer – like Colorado Springs Truck Accident Lawyer Kenneth Shakeshaft – on your side can make all of the difference in the success and outcome of a case.

Q – Should I retain a lawyer to help me with my truck accident lawsuit?

A – Definitely. The reality is that even legitimate claims against trucking companies can be challenging to win and that:

  • After truck accidents, injured people will probably need to concentrate on their physical and psychological recovery.
  • Having Colorado Springs Truck Accident Lawyer Kenneth Shakeshaft to help with the pursuit of financial recovery is the best way secure justice and compensation after trucking company negligence causes truck accidents.

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