Continuing from Trucking Company Negligence in Truck Accidents: FAQs (Pt. 1), here, we’ll respond to some more common questions about when trucking companies can be liable following truck accidents.

Trucking Company Negligence in Truck Accidents: More Answers

Q – How do you prove trucking company negligence in a case?

Are you wondering about the compensation for trucking company negligence claims? If so, check out these FAQs. Or contact us today.

Are you wondering about the compensation for trucking company negligence claims? If so, check out these FAQs. Or contact us today.

A – This is a great question, but it’s difficult to answer without referring to a specific case or reviewing the specific facts of that case. This is because trucking company negligence can come in many forms, so establishing a specific form or instance of negligence can also require different or various types of evidence.

In particular, just some of the evidence that may be used to affirm trucking company negligence in a given traffic accident may include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Recordings from trucks’ electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs), which may provide evidence that truck drivers violated federal hours-of-service regulations
  • Truckers’ handwritten logs, which can provide further evidence of HOS or other federal trucking violations (especially when compared with info obtained from EOBRs)
  • Truck maintenance records, which could indicate that trucking companies have failed to properly maintain their vehicles
  • FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) records, which could indicate that a trucking company has a history of negligence and/or noncompliance with federal trucking regulations.

Q – How much will a negligent trucking company owe me?

A – This, again, will depend on the nature of the trucking company negligence in a given case, as some forms of negligence may be considered to be more egregious than others. In fact, while we cannot specifically provide a dollar amount here regarding the value of trucking company negligence cases, what we can tell you is that the following factors generally end up increasing the value of these cases:

  • Trucking companies having a history of behaving negligently, causing accidents and hurting people on the roads.
  • Accident victims sustaining more severe injuries and losses as a result of truck accidents caused by trucking company negligence
  • Victims’ injuries requiring long-term, intensive medical care and/or preventing people from being able to earn a living for some period of time.

To get some additional important information about trucking company negligence and truck accident lawsuits, don’t miss the conclusion to this blog series. It will be published at the end of this month.

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