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Every year in the United States, dogs bite 4.7 million people according to the Nation Center for Injury Prevention and Control. Of the 800,000 who seek medical attention, half are children. The rate is highest for children aged 5-9 years.  Dangerous dogs usually attack family members, neighbors, or guests of the dog owner. Most injuries (45%) are to one's arms and hands. Legs and feet account for 26% of injuries. The worst injuries are to the head and neck (23%), and the majority of those are to young children. The physical and emotional trauma can take years of recovery, multiple surgeries (including neurological and plastic surgery), psychological treatment, and ongoing medical treatment.

At Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP, we have extensive experience helping people recover damages for dog attacks. When the wounds are serious, when the insurance company fails to recognize the seriousness of the situation, when you need to focus on recovery instead of paperwork and bureaucrats, the contact Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP at 1-800-383-5886.

According to the Humane Society of the U.S., dangerous dogs most often attack: children, the elderly, and postal service workers. The injuries can be devastating resulting in serious bites, punctures, lacerations, contusions, abrasions, infections, nerve damage, permanent disfigurement, scarring, broken bones, depression, and death. About a dozen people a year suffer fatal dog attacks. Dog mauling of young children usually results in severe head and neck injuries plus psychological damage which can require long term treatment into adulthood.

The dog owner's or their insurance may pay for the damages, but:

  • Will homeowner's insurance pay enough?
  • Will it pay for the plastic surgery (often multiple surgeries) needed for the disfigurement?
  • Will it pay for the psychological therapy necessary for recovery from trauma?
  • Will it pay for lost wages?
  • Will it pay for future medical needs?
  • Will it pay for pain and suffering?
  • Will it pay for disfigurement?

The Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP has more than 20 years of experience - since 1982 - helping thousands of injured people (including dog bite victims) recover damages.

If you have been attacked by a dangerous dog or if a loved one has suffered devastating injuries due to a dog mauling, make sure you have the legal advice and representation of an experienced Colorado dog bite attorney - Kenneth J. Shakeshaft of Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP.

Dangerous dogs can severely injure a victim in just seconds. The scars - both physical and psychological - can last for years, even a lifetime. Especially in a case involving a child, it may be best to arrange a structured settlement that can care for the child's medical and psychological expenses into adulthood.

If you have been a dog bite victim or if a relative has suffered from a dog attack, call Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP. We are ready to answer your questions and represent you in insurance company negotiations.

Call 1-800-383-5886. Set up a phone consultation with Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP concerning a dog bite or attack now. Know your rights.

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