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Nearly 8 million Americans are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), reports the Institute of Mental Health. Unlike some physical injuries, PTSD can be far more difficult to treat and overcome, as it symptoms may arise at any time, crippling a person without warning. What can be just as damaging as this is the fact that severe cases of PTSD can end up impacting a person’s:

  • Ability to earn a living
  • Close personal relationships
  • Overall quality of life.

When people have developed PTSD after being in some type of accident caused by negligence, they can rely on the Colorado Springs PTSD Attorney with Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP to help them secure the compensation they deserve. At Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP our goal is to help each of our clients recover financially so they can focus on their physical and psychological recovery and, ultimately, put their life back together.

Causes of PTSD

When negligence causes an accident and, in turn, PTSD, Colorado Springs PTSD Attorney Kenneth Shakeshaft can help injured people obtain the compensation they deserve.

Although many people may associate post-traumatic stress disorder with combat or being in the military, the fact is that anyone who endures some intense trauma or catastrophe – or even simply witnesses such a tragic event – can develop PTSD.

In fact, any of the following accidents or incidents commonly give rise to people developing post-traumatic stress disorder:

  • Car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents
  • Assaults or other acts of violence
  • Animal attacks
  • Falling accidents
  • Heavy machinery accidents
  • Workplace accidents.

PTSD Symptoms

What can be just as insidious as post-traumatic stress disorder is how this condition may arise. Specifically, in many cases, the symptoms of PTSD will creep up on people, developing possibly days or even weeks after the traumatic event, and cause them to suddenly start experiencing debilitating symptoms that may include (but are not limited to):

  • Sleeping problems, including difficulty falling asleep and/or intensely frightening nightmares
  • Flashbacks during waking hours
  • Extreme anxiety, tension and/or nervousness
  • Intense mood swings that may even give rise to bursts of anger or violence
  • Intense guilt
  • Depression
  • Numbness
  • Memory problems, potentially even difficulty remembering the traumatic incidence that triggered the PTSD.

In many cases, people suffering from PTSD will need to undergo a combination of treatments, such as therapy and the use of medications, to overcome this debilitating condition. However, it’s important to point out that PTSD, even when treated, can persist for months or even years.

Colorado Springs PTSD Attorney at Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP

Are you or a loved one struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder? If so, the Colorado Springs PTSD Attorney with Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP is here for you. Dedicated to advocating the rights of the injured, Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP will work relentlessly to help you hold negligent parties accountable for your injuries and, ultimately, to help you recover financially so you can seek the treatments you need for your PTSD.

While you can trust the Colorado Springs PTSD Lawyer with Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP to always fight for your rights to compensation and justice, you can also rely on him and all of the legal professionals at Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP to help you resolve your case as favorably and efficiently as possible.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to fight for the compensation you likely deserve on your own. Instead, you count on us to work tirelessly to help you secure the maximum possible compensation for your losses and injuries.

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