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For over 30 years, the Colorado Springs attorneys at the Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP have been dedicated to representing injured people, advocating their rights and helping them recover financially. Skilled at standing up to insurers, large corporations and government entities alike, our lawyers are here to help our clients navigate the complexities of the legal system so they are able to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Colorado Springs personal injury lawyers who care & can help you! Colorado Springs personal injury lawyers who care & can help you!

When you entrust your case to one of our Colorado Springs attorneys, you can count on the facts that we will:

  • Work tirelessly to defend your rights and advocate your interests
  • Provide you with personalized attention and the highest quality of legal services
  • Do what it takes to bring your case to a successful resolution so you can focus on your recovery and future.

The following are some of the specific types of cases that we are skilled at successfully resolving.

Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

More than 90 percent of motor vehicle accidents are caused by some type of human error, with driver negligence being a common factor in these cases. When any type of negligent or reckless behavior contributes to motor vehicle accidents and injuries, our Colorado Springs lawyers will be ready to stand up for injured people’s rights to compensation.

Some of the specific types of motor vehicle accident cases our attorneys are experienced at successfully resolving include (but are not limited to):

Debilitating and Fatal Injury Cases

When any type of negligence, carelessness or recklessness causes debilitating injuries, injured people may have a right to compensation. At Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP, our Colorado Springs personal injury lawyers have been successfully representing injured people and helping them hold negligent parties accountable for more than 30 years.

Some of the specific types of injury cases that we have a record of successfully overseeing include (but are not limited to):

For families who may have lost a loved one to any negligence-related fatal injuries, our lawyers will be here for them, ready to help them obtain the compensation they deserve so they can properly put their loved ones to rest.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workplace injuries can be as physically devastating as they may be financially and emotionally stressful. What may compound people’s stresses after sustaining a workplace injury is having to deal with a complicated workers’ compensation system in order to obtain the benefits they need to pay for essential medical care. The good news for these people is that our Colorado Springs attorneys are here for them, ready to help them defend their rights so that they can secure the benefits to which they are entitled.

In addition to handling standard Colorado workers’ compensation claims, our lawyers are also skilled at overseeing more specialized claims, including (but not necessarily limited to):

Long-Term Disability Claims

Although you may be counting on your long-term disability insurance to protect you if you sustain a serious injury and impairment, the fact is that obtaining benefits from the insurers who provide these policies may be far more challenging than you realize. In fact, in many cases:

  • Insurers will try to find reasons to undervalue or even deny long-term disability claims to limit their payouts and protect their own profits.
  • Having our Colorado Springs lawyers on your side will be critical to obtaining the full amount of the benefits you deserve.

In the event that people’s LTD claims have been denied, these individuals can also turn to a lawyer at the Shakeshaft-Gorman Law Firm, LLP for assistance mounting a successful appeal.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Cases

Carbon monoxide poisoning, a serious injury that can be fatal, is often linked to the negligence of some other party. In fact, while some cases of carbon monoxide poisoning may arise because building owners or landlords fail to properly maintain their properties, in other cases, this serious injury can be caused by dangerous or defective products.

When people sustain carbon monoxide poisoning, they can turn to our Colorado Springs attorneys to help them:

  • Determine if any type of negligence may have caused their injuries
  • Prove this negligence
  • Obtain the compensation to which they are entitled.

The bottom line is that, after you sustain any injury, we will be here for you, and we will work relentlessly to help you secure the maximum possible compensation for your injuries and losses.

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