5 Ways Driver Negligence Can Hurt You (Pt. 1)

March 25, 2015

While you may be a careful, experienced and diligent driver, unfortunately, you can’t necessarily say the same about the other motorists who share the road with you. In fact, what may be just as alarming as the thought that the drivers around you may be careless or reckless can be knowing that more than 90…
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DUI Car Accident Cases: FAQs (Pt. 3)

November 20, 2014

Here is the conclusion to our blog series DUI Car Accident Cases: FAQs. Q – How much is my DUI car accident case worth? A – We can’t evaluate how much DUI car accident cases may be worth without first knowing the details of a specific case. This is because various factors can differ from…
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DUI Car Accident Cases: FAQs (Pt. 2)

November 15, 2014

Continuing from where DUI Car Accident Cases: FAQs (Pt. 1) left off, below we will continue answering questions about traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers. Q – Will criminal cases against drunk drivers affect DUI car accident cases? A – Maybe, but if it does, it will likely be in a good way. If a…
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DUI Car Accident Cases: FAQs (Pt. 1)

November 10, 2014

While getting into a car accident can be damaging enough, finding out that the driver who hit you was drunk – and that your accident was preventable – can be devastating. As you focus on your physical and psychological recovery after DUI car accidents, you should be aware that: You have options for financial recovery….
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