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Colorado Springs Personal Injury News & Information

Colorado Springs Personal Injury News & Information

May 30, 2024
Does Colorado Law Require Motorcycle Riders to Wear a Helmet?

Understanding Colorado's Helmet Laws Colorado's helmet laws are unique compared to many other states. While there is no universal helmet mandate for all motorcyclists, […]

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April 24, 2024
How Do Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries Differ in Children and Adults?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are complex medical conditions that significantly impact the health and well-being of individuals. Recognizing how these injuries manifest differently in […]

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March 27, 2024
How Can You Detect Carbon Monoxide in Your Home Before It's Too Late?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent, invisible threat that lurks in many homes, posing a serious risk to health and safety. This odorless, colorless […]

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March 4, 2024
How Often Should You Test and Replace Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

At Shakeshaft Law Firm, we prioritize your safety and well-being, especially when it comes to the invisible dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Understanding […]

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January 25, 2024
Is There a Link Between Traumatic Brain Injuries and Mental Health?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are complex injuries with a broad spectrum of symptoms and disabilities. The impact on a person's life can be devastating, […]

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December 28, 2023
Could Your Home Environment be a Risk for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Many of us consider our homes a safe haven, a place where we can relax and feel secure. However, there's a silent threat that […]

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November 28, 2023
Is Your Landlord Liable for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Carbon monoxide (or CO) poisoning is a silent but deadly hazard in rental properties, posing serious health risks to tenants. Understanding when a landlord might be liable for such incidents is crucial for tenant […]

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November 15, 2023
Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries: Causes and Legal Recourse

Navigating Legal Solutions for Traumatic Brain Injury Cases Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are a significant health concern that affects millions worldwide. At Shakeshaft Law […]

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October 20, 2023
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Winter: Increased Risks & Prevention Tips

Essential Winter Safety: Preventing Carbon Monoxide Exposure at Home While spring is just around the corner, earlier this month, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, […]

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September 17, 2023
How to Claim Compensation for a Traumatic Brain Injury

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury Claims: A Comprehensive Guide Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the most severe and life-altering injuries anyone can endure. At […]

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August 10, 2023
Navigating Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Claims: A Comprehensive Guide for Victims

Understanding the Risks and Legal Recourse for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is a silent but potentially lethal threat that can strike […]

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