Traffic accidents are an unfortunate and, for many, an unavoidable part of life, as the average commuter will reportedly be in at least one car accident every 5 years (according to data published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA). What this means is that people who regularly drive should:

  • Always do their best to comply with traffic laws and drive safely
  • Be prepared regarding what to do after motor vehicle accidents so that they can preserve their rights to compensation for their injuries and losses.

In this blog series, we will highlight some of the crucial steps to take after motor vehicle accidents. By keeping these important steps in mind and remembering to follow them after motor vehicle accidents, you can be sure to protect yourself while preserving your claim to an accident settlement.

After Motor Vehicle Accidents: Here’s What You Should Do…

Step 1 – Call for help ASAP.

Taking these steps after motor vehicle accidents can be critical to your future insurance claim and possibly a car accident case.

Taking these steps after motor vehicle accidents can be critical to your future insurance claim and possibly a car accident case.

Immediately after motor vehicle accidents, the very first thing you should do (if the collision is more than a fender bender) is call 911 and report the wreck. Even if you think you (and everyone else involved) is OK and you believe that you may even know who is at fault in causing the collision, calling the police can be crucial to:

  • Helping to guide other traffic and clearing the wreckage of the accident (so that the roads are once again clear for other motorists)
  • Helping you and the other involved parties exchange the pertinent information (which we’ll discuss in the second part of this blog series).

In many cases, however, having police respond after motor vehicle accidents can also be crucial to:

  • Initiating an official investigation into the wreck
  • Ensuring there is a police report for the incident (this report can provide important info regarding the other parties/witnesses associated with the accident while also possibly backing up claims of liability in the collision).

Step 2 – Get emergency medical care and wait for police to finish their investigation.

As you wait for police to wrap up their investigation, make sure that you see any emergency medical responders who have arrived at the scene of the accident to get yourself checked out. After motor vehicle accidents, it’s not uncommon that a rush of adrenaline can prevent people from realizing how they may be injured; therefore, getting checked out is a good idea to ensure that you do not have any severe injuries that may need immediate attention.

Here, it’s also essential to point out that you need to wait at the scene of the accident until police have cleared you to go (unless, of course, you have to leave for medical reasons). Leaving the scene before police have officially let you go can result in hit-and-run charges being filed against you, and this can create a world of trouble for you after motor vehicle accidents.

We will resume our discussion of what to do after motor vehicle accidents in two upcoming installments of this blog series – be sure to check them out!

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